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Sancho's RSS Antiques & Collectibles Search.
Searches the increasing number of RSS feeds for the iems you want.

This search searches todays and prior days feeds, going back up to 21 days, for key words. We have 26 feeds here at the moment, with others added weekly. Here's How you can get your items included here:

1. To post one - 10 items; use Ad poster, which is free during our Grand Opening, and will go to $1 soon. Listings stay visible for 21 days.

2. If you have a Website with an RSS feed; let us know. We will add you to the database at no charge during this Grand Opening.

If you have a website and don't have an RSS feed yet - and would like to have one - let us know; we can set one up for you. (Setup is free for first 3 customers during this Grand Opening!) Look up 'Antiques RSS' in Google to see what a good search engine position it gets you to have a RSS Feed.

Try Searching for items that contain: or choose some other word.

We also offer an Antiques Search Engine Optimization Package that can dramatically improve your sites position in the sarch engines and bring in more business thereby.

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To build this Antiques and Collectables search, we consult about 26 different sources, with more sources being added almost every day, including CityNews Internet classifieds. We have got a special agreement with them, such that if you advertise your website there - via a 3 month or longer paid ad, we will include your rss feed or ebay listings here at no charge.

to contact us: email Stuart Rider