Sancho's Single Deck Video Blackjack Las Vegas Style

Have you ever wanted to try Las Vegas style video Blackjack? (Blackjack is called Pontoon in Britain). Here's a WebTV-compatible, risk-free way to try it. This is Single-Deck Blackjack, so you can also practice your card-counting skills. We've even built in a simple card counter for you so you can see how it is done.

All that you will win or lose are points. But this webgame will give you a chance to brush up on your Blackjack, so when you go play at Las Vegas, you'll be ready to win. We use no frames or Java and so are WebTV-compatible. You start with 50 points. You win points according to Video Blackjack rules. Once you are over 500 points, you can sign yourself up in our list of Top 100 Champions.

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