Free Multi-deck Video Poker Live from Reno, Nevada!

Have you ever wanted to try Nevada-style video poker? Here's a WebTV-compatible, risk-free way to try it. All that you will win or lose are points. But this webgame will give you a chance to brush up on your poker skills, so when you get to Reno or Vegas, you'll be ready to win. And - maybe we can help you get to Reno - see below!

This game is Multi-deck 5 card draw, no wild cards. With Multideck, you can get dealt 3 Aces of Spades - or more. Cards are drawn from 10 decks, shuffled before each hand. (If you want wild cards, try our Deuces Wild Video Poker or One-Eyed Jacks Wild Poker) -- or Deuces & One-eyed Jacks Wild!.

You start with 25 points. Each hand costs you one point. You win points according to the table shown below on the page. Once you are over 100 points, you can sign yourself up in our list of Champions

We also offer: Video Blackjack, Reno-Style Deuces Wild, and Video Pai Gow -- and also our NEW Lowball Poker! .

Drop a point in the slot and ...

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Here's the current odds on this New Game:

Royal Flush500 Straight Flush50 4 of a Kind25
Full House10 Flush7 Straight5
Three of a Kind3 Two Pairs3