Sancho's Free Video Pai Gow Poker

Minor bugfixes 1/26/01
Have you ever wanted to try Pai Gow poker? Here's a risk-free way to try it. Don't blow your bankroll learning Pai Gow - here all that you will win or lose are points. But this will give you a chance to brush up on your Pai Gow poker skills, so when you get to Las Vegas, you'll be ready to win. This webgame uses no frames or java so as to be compatible with WebTV and AOL.

This game is 7 card Pai Gow Poker, no wild cards. (If you want wild cards, try our Deuces Wild Video Poker). You start with 25 points. Ante is One Point. Get over 500 points and sign our Roster of Champions.

Learn to Win ad Pai Gow with this Book: Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker

We also offer Video Blackjack! and Lowball Poker. All games are AOL andMSNTV compatible.