Sancho's Grand Slam Bridge

Last fixed 3/29/02

Sancho's computer shuffles & deals; You get a *great* hand & bid & play against the computer! Most of the time, the other players will pass as you have the good cards, but sometimes North will get a good enough hand to bid.

You are playing South, and will be the Declarer -- as soon as bidding is over, the East will lead a card & you will be shown North's (Dummy) hand to play. The computer will continue playing East and West's hands.

Most of the time your bid is the only one as you have all the good cards - so bid strongly! If you are not sure how to play Bridge, check The American Contract Bridge League.

If you win, you can sign yourself up in our list of Champions.

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We also offer Hollywood Gin Rummy and Cribbage, Regular Gin Rummy, Video Poker, Blackjack, Etc.. All games are WEBTV, MSNTV and AOL compatible.

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