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A lucky few are living their "life Purpose"; They are succesful, some wildly so. They are happy. They work as much or as little as they want. They feel creative and rewarded by their work.

If you are one of them, Hurray! But most people are not. For most people work is a stressful and tedious excercise in boredom punctuated by terror.

We want to help you find your Perfect Job - one that expresses your life purpose. To that end, we've assembled a test that hopefully will lead you to the threshold of your own realization - as really, deep inside you know what you want. Its just that you have been lied to so much that you have set aside your own goals to serve others.

So go ahead and answer the following questions and see where it leads you.

Q. I prefer working Q. My sign is:
Q. I prefer working with:
Q. I am in my
Q. I have a: Q. I prefer to work with
Q. I Like Q. Danger is
Q. Money is: Q. Independance is:

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